Looking Ahead to the Next Academic Year

Posted by robj3d3 on Aug. 4, 2020, 5:52 p.m.

With current times, it sometimes feels as though first year ended only a week ago. So, knowing that second year is a mere month away is a little mind boggling! But am I looking forward to it? Well, that's one way of putting it - I'm absolutely living for it!

After such an incredible first year I'm looking to the times ahead with glee. I highly anticipate getting heavily involved with everything around the school, having been elected as the Socials Rep for the Computer Science Society, the Undergraduate Rep for the School of Computer Science, and selected by Google to be the new DSC Lead for the University of Birmingham chapter this year!

And of course, I've had a nose in on what I'm going to be studying in the coming year, and oh is it perfect for me! Security and networks, artificial intelligence, and team project modules all in one year!

Now, while I've heard about the sometimes long, stressful and draining days and nights associated with the team project, I'm really excited for it.


I mean, even I ask myself that question sometimes.

I think it's simply because I thrive in environments where teamwork is key. Leadership, collaboration and peer-to-peer learning are all things I absolutely love and I feel as though the team project will pull these together beautifully. (Oh, and getting to flex my experience with Git is always a bonus).

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